The Marsh – 2023

The Marsh is a short film the works with material filmed and recorded on wetlands around Christchurch Harbour, Dorset, England.

Art as Problematic Waste – 2019

Art as Problematic Waste, a co-directed with Finnish media artist Aimo Hyvärinen, comprises both a 24 minute duration video triptych with 4-channel sound installation and a 55 minute documentary film.

Meanings of Failed Action – 2017

Meanings of Failed Action: Insurrection 1946 is a collaborative art project that revisits an episode of India’s struggle for self-rule: the 1946 insurrection of Royal Indian Navy sailors.

Bomb Ballistics and Lab 2 – 2016

The soundwork An East Wind through Bomb Ballistics and Lab 2 – Orford Ness is created from the ethereal harmonics and percussive sounds caused by the winds as they blow through the decaying buildings of this former Cold War military testing site.

Watermark – York Guildhall – 2012

Watermark consists of hydrophone recordings from the Ouse and its tributaries and brings the sounds of the sub-aqua environment into Common Hall Lane, interacting with the particular acoustics of the space.

Re-Sounding Falkland – 2010

Re-Sounding Falkland is a 2 years project, in collaboration with Louise K Wilson, producing a series of audio-visual works that explored the historic buildings and landscapes of Falkland Estate, Scotland.

Octo: Sotto Voce – 2009

Octo: Sotto Voce  – York Minster is an 8-channel audio montage of eight whispered voices.

Arcadia – 2008

Arcadia, is an 8 -Channel sound piece produced by David Chapman and Louise K Wilson.

Hark 2 – 2007

Hark 2, is an  audio-visual installation produced in collaboration with photographer David Cottridge.

Robert Wilson Project – 2006

An audio notebook on artist and director Robert Wilson’s visit and involvement in four days of developmental workshops in Gunpowder Park.

Observances – 2005

A series of eight short Videos as part of the group show Reap, Café Gallery Projects, London. Curated by Anne Bean in collaboration with Mark Anderson. An Artsadmin project

Hark – 2005

Hark  is a collaborative installation, combining soundscapes and animated macro-photographic images.

Steel Cello/Bow Chime – 2004

30 minute Documentary – produced in collaboration with Adrian Palka.

Flows and Levels – 2004

Flows and Levels is radio piece based on some of my field recordings and broadcast as part of the Art Trail-Soundworks festival in Cork, Ireland.

Revelation – 2003-4

Online art project – produced in collaboration with Maureen Kendall and Paul St George. Revelation uses multimedia to reveal views of a natural site that would otherwise remain invisible

Artists and Cosmonauts – 2002

A short documentary on the 2002 visit by a group of artists to work in Zero Gravity conditions in Star City Russia.