Robert Wilson Project – 2006

An audio notebook on artist and director Robert Wilson’s visit and involvement in four days of developmental workshops in Gunpowder Park.

In May 2006, American artist and director Robert Wilson visited Gunpowder Park for four days of developmental workshops, in which I participated. I was later commissioned to produce a sound piece that used the documentation material of the workshops. This integrated contribution from participants with field recordings from the site, to give a flavour of the event and the process Wilson uses for the development of creative projects. This piece provided an opportunity to engage with speech as a way to create work that has a semantic content but does not operates in a straightforward documentary manner.
A CD of the sound work was published with the catalogue of the workshop and presented as part of the exhibition Gunpowder Park on the Robert Wilson workshops entitled The Art of Common Space. For more information about the project and to hear the soundwork please click link: