Hark 2 – 2007

Hark 2, is an  audio-visual installation produced in collaboration with photographer David Cottridge. It is a further development of the Hark (2005) project.

Hark 2 was first screened in Matrix East Research Lab at the University of East London as part of the Lab’s launch event and the Cultural Studies Now conference, UEL,  in July 2007.

Following the same basic concept as Hark, the new piece works with layered images of shifting light and shadow, adding an additional suggestion of temporality within a seamless animation of still photographic images.

The sound element of Hark 2, is based on field recordings made in the Lee Valley, London. These recordings were processed and arranged into a four-channel sound composition. The piece is of 8 minutes duration.

Hark 2 has subsequently been screened at:
August 2011 – Gallerie 8 as part of group show PHONO:GRAPHIC
May 2013 – Screening Nature event at the Whitechapel gallery, London. May 2013.
March 2014 – V&A Museum, London, as part of Friday Late, Tottenham Takeover.
July  2020 – Geelong International Film Festival (GIFF20).

A Low-Resolution Stereo version can be seen here: