Steel Cello

As part of a wider project involving the sound sculptures steel cello and the bow chime, I have been performing on the bow chime, electric bass or digital sound generation as part of an occasional ensemble with Adrian Palka (steel cello), Mark Bowler (bow chime) and Simon Miles (voice).

2015     Doggerland, a live performance for ‘River’, curated by Pete Cobb & Richard Wilson, University of East London.

2009      S2 at ‘Ghosts of The Past’ Conference, University of East London.

2005      Improvisations on the S-Bahn, Monk Club, London.

2004     Sounding Out, (Sound art festival) curated by Richard Wilson, University of East London.

2004     Improvisations on the S-Bahn, Klinker Club, London.

2003    Warp:Woof, CongressCath2003 (Conference), Leeds Town Hall, Leeds.

Janette Parris

Since 1999 I have been working on muisc and music theatre projects with visual artist Janette Parris.

As Band Member
2007  Breakout Tour, Nottingham Rock City, curated by Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.
2005  Saved Norwich Cathedral, Curated by Linda Morris, Norwich Gallery
2003  Going South, Tower Records, curated by Platform Art,  London
2002  Mezzo-soprano? Hoxton Hall, London, Curated by  Iniva

As Musical Director / Band Member
2001  You’re The One, (Music Theatre Performance) Curated by ArtLab, Imperial College, London
1999  If You Love Me (Music Theatre Performance), Curated by Carolina Grau, Rosemary Branch Theatre, London

The Blue Aeroplanes

I occasionally play live with the Blue Aeroplanes, with whom I was a full-time member from 1985-1988. As well as recording with the band in the 1980s, I appear on the recent live CD Skyscrapers (Art Star 2009), recorded at The Fiddlers in Bristol, and contributed mandolin to the album Anti-Gravity (Art Star/Albino 2011).

Caroline Trettine  and Mirabeau

I played bass guitar and mandolin on Caroline Trettine’s recent CDs Tears and Gay Demo and on Age of Exploration with the music/poetry project Mirabeau (Caroline Trettine, Richard Price, Ian Kearey and Roberto Sainz de la Maza).

Schrödinger’s Cats

A new band playing mainly 70s funk, jazz-rock and blues. With Maciej Hrybrowicz (Guitar), Jonathan Hardy (Guitar) Marc Coker (drums) and Michael Pinsky (piano) David Chapman (bass guitar).[clear]