Art as Problematic Waste – 2019

Art as Problematic Waste, co-directed with Finnish media artist Aimo Hyvärinen, is a audio-visual work in two forms:  a 3-screen video installation with 4-channel sound and a 55 minute documentary film.

Meanings of Failed Action – 2017

Meanings of Failed Action: Insurrection 1946  is a collaborative art project that revisits an episode of India’s struggle for self-rule: the 1946 insurrection of Royal Indian Navy sailors.

East Wind through Bomb Ballistics – 2016

An East Wind through Bomb Ballistics and Lab 2 – Orford Ness is a sound work based on field recordings made at Orford Ness on the Suffolk Coast.

Watermark – York Guildhall – 2012

Watermark consists of hydrophone recordings from the Ouse and its tributaries and brings the sounds of the sub-aqua environment into Common Hall Lane, interacting with the particular acoustics of the space.

Re-Sounding Falkland – 2010

Re-Sounding Falkland is a 2 years project, in collaboration with Louise K Wilson, producing a series of audio-visual works that explored the historic buildings and landscapes of Falkland Estate, Scotland.

Octo: Sotto Voce – 2009

Octo: Sotto Voce  – York Minster is an 8-channel audio montage of eight whispered voices.

Arcadia – 2008

Arcadia, is an 8 -Channel sound piece produced by David Chapman and Louise K Wilson.

Hark 2 – 2007

Hark 2, is an  audio-visual installation produced in collaboration with photographer David Cottridge.

Robert Wilson Project – 2006

An audio notebook on artist and director Robert Wilson’s visit and involvement in four days of developmental workshops in Gunpowder Park.

Observances – 2005

A series of eight short Videos as part of the group show Reap, Café Gallery Projects, London. Curated by Anne Bean in collaboration with Mark Anderson. An Artsadmin project

Hark – 2005

Hark  is a collaborative installation, combining soundscapes and animated macro-photographic images.

Steel Cello/Bow Chime – 2004

30 minute Documentary – produced in collaboration with Adrian Palka.

Flows and Levels – 2004

Flows and Levels is radio piece based on some of my field recordings and broadcast as part of the Art Trail-Soundworks festival in Cork, Ireland.

Revelation – 2003-4

Online art project – produced in collaboration with Maureen Kendall and Paul St George. Revelation uses multimedia to reveal views of a natural site that would otherwise remain invisible

Artists and Cosmonauts – 2002

A short documentary on the 2002 visit by a group of artists to work in Zero Gravity conditions in Star City Russia.