Steel Cello

Steel Cello

As part of a wider project involving the sound sculptures steel cello and the bow chime, I have been performing on the bow chime, electric bass or digital sound generation as part of an occasional ensemble with Adrian Palka (steel cello), Mark Bowler (bow chime) and Simon Miles (voice).

2015     Doggerland, a live performance for ‘River’, curated by Pete Cobb & Richard Wilson, University of East London, 

2009      S2 at ‘Ghosts of The Past’ Conference, University of East London,

2005      Improvisations on the S-Bahn, Monk Club, London

2004     Sounding Out, (Sound art festival) curated by Richard Wilson, University of East London

2004     Improvisations on the S-Bahn, Klinker Club, London

2003    Warp:Woof, CongressCath2003 (Conference), Leeds Town Hall, Leeds.