Current activity

The Blue Aeroplanes 

I occasionally play live with the Blue Aeroplanes, with whom I was a full-time member from 1985-1988. As well as recordings with the band in the 1980s, I appear on the live CD Skyscrapers (Art Star 2009), recorded at The Fiddlers in Bristol, and contributed mandolin to the album Anti-Gravity (Art Star/Albino 2011).


Caroline Trettine  and Mirabeau

Currently playing bass guitar and mandolin on new  recording  Tears (2011) by Caroline Trettine and with the music/poetry project Mirabeau (Caroline Trettine, Richard Price, Ian Kearey and Roberto Sainz de la Maza). The new album, The Age of Experience, was released in August 2015.


Schrödinger’s Cats

A new band playing 70s funk, jazz-rock and blues. With Maciej Hrybrowicz (Guitar) Jonathan Hardy (Guitar) Rosie Hearne (Vocals) Marc Coker (drums) Michael Pinsky (piano)and David Chapman (Bass).